Perennial Business City

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Facilities & Amenties

Well-rounded facilities and amenities such as an expansive rooftop garden, ample parking, exciting F&B outlets and a dedicated childcare centre make for more seamless work‑life integration at Perennial Business City.

Varied Dining Experience
Pan Asian Food

Food & Beverages
Food establishments offer up convenient choices for meals and easy options to have casual meet‑ups over food or tea.

Alphabet blocks for children
Child playing with building blocks

Dedicated childcare facility brings greater convenience for working parents.

Parking spaces in Perennial Business City

Ample Parking & Amenties
Ample parking lots and parking lots at selected levels, allowing tenants and visitors to park at their doorstep. Other amenities include bicycle parking lots, shower facilities, landscape terraces and nursing rooms.

Open 24 Hours

Car Parking Rates

0001 hrs to 1700 hrs
$1.20 — 1st hour
$0.60 — subsequent 30 mins

1701 hrs to 0000 hrs
$2.50 per entry

Grace Period — 10 mins

Motorcycle Parking Rates

All Day — $1.60 per entry

Grace Period — 10 mins


Artist’s Impression

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